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Loyalty and satisfaction can drive revenue growth

As competition in the retail landscape becomes increasingly fierce, it is more important than ever for organizations to drive revenue growth through customer centricity. This means organizing around what customers want as opposed to what the business can do, and prioritizing customer lifetime value over individual transactions.

For many retailers, this is a fundamental change, one that requires companies break down barriers and unite traditional customer-facing functions with back-end operations – all in the hope of creating one happy customer.

Technology has the power to improve the customer experience, but its application and implementation are as important as the capability. For example, in-store pickup is gaining traction with retailers as a way to fulfill orders faster and reduce last-mile shipping costs. On the organization level, this service may meet business goals. But the process is often far from ideal because many retailers failed to consider the full customer experience when rolling out this technology.

Read how Capgemini can help retailers navigate complex market dynamics and ever-evolving customer behaviors to create the best experience in One happy customer.


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