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LIFT: product-launch excellence

In addition to these macro trends, launching teams often face a unique set of challenges specific to their asset and the market they are launching it into

Launch landscape and challenges

The biopharma launch landscape is more complex now than ever. Today, successful launches require agile teams that are capable of addressing new challenges and capitalizing on new opportunities as they work to ready their organization, shape their market, and finalize their product.

A number of macro trends are currently shaping the launch landscape. Each of these presents its own challenges and opportunities to launch teams.

More launches – The FDA is on track to approve more than 50 novel drugs in 2020, topping the 48 new drugs approved in 2019 and nearing 2018’s record year with 59 NMEs.

More specialized launches – Approximately 75 percent of launches were biologics-focused and about 50 percent were orphan indication-focused.

Faster go-to-market – Over the past five years, the time to launch has been reduced by about two years, and 70 percent of launches came through an accelerated FDA track.

Driven by small biopharma R&D – Small biopharma patented approximately two-thirds of launches in 2018 and accounted for 70 percent of the late-stage pipeline.

Higher failure rates –11 percent success rate for phase I trials to reach the submission stage.

Capgemini launch capabilities

To help launch teams focus, mobilize, and execute, we have developed our unique LIFT offer. LIFT is Capgemini Invent’s comprehensive product launch offer that is specifically tailored to the needs of any organization operating in the biopharmaceutical industry. LIFT consists of six capability areas that build on our strong expertise across a variety of roles (i.e., strategists, creatives, and data scientists) and the extensive experience we have gathered over more than 15 years, supporting industry leaders with all their new product launches. Our launch capability helps your launch team focus on winning strategies, while we also help your cross-functional team mobilize and execute against your strategy.

Launch readiness: Driving end-to-end launch preparation, launch roadmap development, and execution.

Launch strategy: Shaping your situational analysis, strategic focus, tactical priorities, and GTM model, and defining meaningful KPIs.

HCP and patient engagement: Developing and equipping your teams with the right messages and tools to meaningfully engage with HCPs and patients.

Patient-services excellence: Understanding patient journeys and supporting the design and deployment of leading patient-support services.

Data strategy and analytics: Establishing, aggregating, and analyzing multiple data sources and channel data feeds to derive actionable insights.

System readiness: Deploying and pressure testing the launch systems, platforms, and technology infrastructure.

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