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Understand and unlock drivers of sustainability in your organization, using Capgemini’s Green Core with SAP solutions.

Sustainability is something that customers, shareholders and employees all aim towards. Our governments regulate for it. And, most importantly, our societies and planet need it. Enterprises are increasingly addressing traceability and transparency. Shareholders want growth and ethical-social governance. Employees want to work for organizations with a sustainability agenda. With our Green Core with SAP Solutions, we endeavor to make it simple and cost-effective to address sustainability challenges using your existing ERP data.

What is your Green Core Quotient?

How ingrained is sustainability in your enterprise value chain? Take our 2-minute assessment to find out.

Now you have your Green Core Quotient, we can begin our Green Core conversation to enhance and accelerate your sustainability – taking into account your vision and strategy for social and environmental sustainability, while working together to address any roadblocks.

Often, addressing sustainability implementation can leave executives, operations, and IT teams wondering:

  • How does one identify sustainability challenges in the organization?
  • How can one consume less energy, use fewer resources, and produce less waste?
  • How does one select suppliers and partners to make the supply base and operations more sustainable?
  • Which practices will lead to sustainability without disrupting operations and profitability?
  • What changes can be made to existing systems and processes before investing in expensive technologies such as carbon removal?
  • How can one improve products and services today and create negative emission solutions and more sustainable services for tomorrow?

Happily, you won’t have to look far for answers. They are waiting in your ERP system, ready to be unlocked with Capgemini’s Green Core with SAP® Solutions.

First things first: why is sustainability important in business?

In short, because it is important for us all! Consumers are increasingly concerned about transparency and traceability. Business shareholders want to see growth and meet Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria. Employees seek employers with a sustainability agenda. Environmental change and shifting attitudes mean that businesses focused on climate change and sustainability are best positioned for long-term growth.

But addressing sustainability within organizations is about more than annual climate risk assessments and engaging sustainability consultants. Organizations must ensure visibility across their value chain, from their supply base to their operations, and beyond.

This is where Capgemini comes in.

Our Green Core with SAP Solutions unlock sustainability data already tracked in your SAP S/4HANA® system. This means you can monitor, compare, and manage environmental data, social statistics, and other ESG KPIs across your value chain.

Green Core with SAP Solutions enable real-time dashboards and sustainability reports of data from your IT estate, business operations, supplier base, customers, and more. This empowers your teams to see more, work smarter, and act with agility to make meaningful changes towards sustainability.

Green Core with SAP Solutions help businesses work more efficiently by consuming less, wasting less, and recycling more. You’ll build better engagement with customers, suppliers, and partners by making your value chain transparent. And, you will find it easier to stay on top of sustainability regulations.

The result: lower cost of operations, a lighter environmental footprint, more sustainable operations, and long-term business growth. Good for you, good for society, good for our planet. Green Core with SAP Solutions is developed and implemented to meet your target organizational outcomes. With Capgemini as your partner, you can progress on your sustainability journey, cutting costs, attracting talent, and growing faster along the way irrespective of your business or sector.

Reserve your customized deep dive session with one of our sustainability SMEs to enable your business to thrive in a greener world by unlocking and acting on opportunities to make your entire value chain more sustainable, today!

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