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Digital core for insurance

In this increasingly volatile business environment, insurers face risk and competition that is more complex than ever before. Customers are demanding more personalized products and lower insurance premiums simultaneously. As the insurance industry enters a new, dynamic future, insurers will need to be quick, adaptable, and customer centric.

To get there, you’ll need a connected, digital core approach.

Think of this as comprehensive transformation that extends and elevates your existing core investments to the next level.

Develop a holistic and connected ecosystem with defined objectives, prioritized business capabilities, evaluation and selection of platforms, with supporting architecture to deliver on the desired outcomes in the most sustainable manner possible.

Gain the speed and precision needed to unlock new opportunities for product innovation, assessment of risk and policies, and overall business strategy and technology implementation that is sustainable and fit for business.

Are you ready to embrace the future of insurance?

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How can we help

Harness data and a digital core to meet ESG goals and craft a sustainable future for your — and your customer’s — enterprises.

Accelerate your path to net-zero and integrate green solutions with a cohesive data strategy that focuses on ESG driven products and services customers prefer today.

As insurers, you need to provide options to address climate-risk protection for your customers and enhance your risk assessment models. With access to new data sources and ESG insights, you can decrease protection gaps, and quickly spark product and business model innovation.

Sustainable IT is more than being environmentally conscious; it’s a digital vision that adapts forward-thinking technologies and empowers you to maintain an innovative edge.

Your customers expect a personalized experience. Leverage data-driven insights to deliver omnichannel services and offers that are personalized, timely, and relevant.

Today’s customers demand personalized, digital-first engagement from insurers, inspired by the delivery of other services in their daily life.

The future of insurance is more than a service, it’s an ecosystem of capabilities with embedded offers and actions when and where insureds need them.

Enabled by best-of-breed tech ecosystem, insurers can evolve their role from payer to protector. Advanced data analytics can position stronger, just-in-time offers that are uniquely relevant to each customer’s needs. Empowered by personalized customer insights, agents and brokers can advise in real-time and across channels.

Surround the core with proven leading-edge solutions, tailored for your strategic needs.

To stay ahead, insurers need quick access to best-of-breed technologies that keep pace with the latest innovations and the InsurTech ecosystem of solutions.

Your solutions need to integrate and deploy seamlessly while providing uninterrupted experiences for your customers.

We will help you curate a composable and interoperable Digital core ecosystem on the cloud that builds upon your existing tech investments.

Optimize your operations for efficiency and speed.

Business agility is an imperative to adapt rapidly to change and always be future-ready.

By assembling a mix of select, digital first platforms , insurers can unleash flexibility and scalability to sense and respond rapidly to shifting market needs.

Deploying automation and AI across the workflows will drive efficiencies and speed of service, key to compete effectively.

A business that embraces digital transformation is still operated by people. Adopting new operating models will improve the employee experience and help unify workflows across your teams.

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      Meet our experts

      Pradeep Singh

      Global Head, Insurance Digital Core Leader, Capgemini Financial Services
      Pradeep is helping insurance companies to broaden and diversify their products and enabling them to access new growth opportunities, create compelling customer experience with digital core.

      Kiran Boosam

      Vice President, Financial Services; Global Insurance Industry Strategy and Portfolio Leader, Capgemini Financial Services

      Matt Herson

      Vice President, Head of Core Insurance Transformation

      Andrew Hood

      Executive Vice President, Global Insurance Practice Head, Capgemini Financial Services

      Adam Denninger

      Global Industry Leader, Insurance
      Adam Denninger leads Capgemini’s global strategy and product management for the insurance industry and manages its relationships with the insurance technology ecosystem. Adam has 20+ years of experience creating and delivering solutions at the intersection of business and technology.

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