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The explosive growth of the IoT has dramatically increased security vulnerabilities—particularly in industries with critical OT (operational technology) processes and networks. While connectedness is the culprit for the spike in security issues, it must also be the solution—because we are not going back. Convergence is reality, and the benefits are worth the risks. Capgemini is uniquely capable of using convergence to secure your critical enterprise IoT deployments. We combine deep expertise in OT, IT, and IIoT (industrial IoT). And we call our portfolio of services Secure IoT/OT services.

  • Define (OT/IT Risk & Maturity Assessment Services) – We assess client’s current IoT security and compliance status so they can clearly understand risks and prioritize remedial action.
  • Protect (OT/IT Endpoint, Network, Applications & Machines Protection Services) – Based on findings from the Define phase, our experts tailor-fit security solutions that will address client’s highest-priority security questions and issues.
  • Defend (OT/IT Global 24/7 Operations Monitoring Services) – We monitor client’s IoT environment so they can continuously identify and respond to threats.

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