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Application modernization

Embrace Monday’s idea as Friday’s reality

Being a digital business means pivoting quickly, adapting easily, and innovating at the pace of ideation – and the ability to do so comes from the applications at the core of your IT landscape. Applications are the key to performing and transforming in the digital era, but out-of-date systems leave many unable to deliver on the demands of the digital world.

Change the game with app modernization

Application modernization is the process of aligning legacy software to your current business needs, whether that means refactoring, rearchitecting, or replacing your applications. Application modernization allows for greater agility, speed, scalability, reliability, and compliance, in addition to minimizing the in-house server footprint and the costs that come with it. We’ve helped our clients realize:

  • Faster time to market, with the potential for a 27–50% increase in release velocity
  • Reduced support needs, with a possible 25–70% reduction in platform support
  • Higher application quality, with less than 1% of production code with defects.

Deliver with digital

App modernization isn’t just a matter of updating an application, because an organization must transform across multiple pillars: architecture, technology, and organizational structure. Capgemini works with organizations to rearchitect applications and reap the benefits of digital agility, with core transformation pillars including embracing cloud native, harnessing the power of APIs, shifting to agile, DevOps ways of working, and leveraging POD models.

Move at the pace of ideation

Capgemini has worked with organizations of all types, across all industries, to modernize their applications to deliver on the promise of digital. We offer a range of capabilities, including 44,000-plus trained DevOps professionals, smart KPIs that map business outcomes to IT performance, and game-changing accelerators including eAPM, a highly visualized application-assessment tool, and Digital Cloud Platform, a library of pre-built components that accelerate development. This comprehensive approach helped Corteva, once a division of DowDuPont, reduce genome processing times from 30 days to one day and it is one of the reasons Everest Group named us a leader in the DevOps PEAK Matrix Assessment for DevOps Services in 2019.

Learn how to harness the power of cloud and application technologies to drive your digital agenda forward.

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