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Client Story

Signant Health accelerates clinical trials

Capgemini supports delivery of a custom customer-driven experience to support retention

Signant Health has emerged as a leader in clinical trials, one that understands the patient journey and uses its experience to create technology by clinicians for clinicians. 

Trials need more than just technology to succeed. Signant Health wanted to provide the best service possible to its clients. After analyzing its service-desk capabilities in 2019, the company knew it needed to transform the patient experience. An extensive search process led executives to choose Capgemini based on industry-recognized service-desk expertise and the ability to meet three key challenges: patient retention, support, and speed. 

 In 2020, Pfizer awarded the clinical trial management for its COVID-19 vaccine to Signant Health. For the trial to be effective, it would require tens of thousands of patients to enroll and then complete the process.  

The patient experience transformation means Signant Health has easily scaled to meet the ongoing demands of managing multiple studies related to vaccines and COVID-19 treatments, as well as other projects, so it can continue to be the right partner in additional groundbreaking studies. 

Read how we supported the transformation in Signant Health transforms the patient experience to accelerate clinical trials

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