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Riachuelo revolutionizes its retail experience with SAP S/4HANA

Digital transformation to deliver seamless omnichannel experience

Riachuelo is the flagship retailer in the Guararapes Group. It started as a fabric store in 1947 and evolved into a major department store by 1979. Today, there are more than 300 stores, 40,000 employees, and three distribution centers in Brazil.

Like every retailer, Riachuelo wants to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience to customers. The company needs to understand tomorrow’s trends, drive personalized shopping, and run a sustainable fashion business.

The retailer decided to move to SAP S/4HANA to get the flexibility and agility to thrive in the market. An on-premises SAP S/4HANA management system in the HANA Enterprise Cloud will be the heart of the digital transformation. SAP S/4HANA has built-in intelligent technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics, which provide the tools that drive efficiency and process standardization across the business.

Riachuelo worked with Capgemini on the strategy and roadmap for SAP S/4HANA based on its understanding of the project goals and experience with other retailers. Read how a strong digital core is creating a data-driven future at Riachuelo.

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