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Client Stories


When Orkin’s digital strategy evolved from simple lead generation to awareness building, they could no longer send people from banner ads to lead generation form only. The brand needed to expand its ecosystem and stretch beyond the current brand narrative. Orkin was also looking for ways to leverage digital tools throughout the customer journey.

As their digital AOR and innovation partner, we’ve brought the brand to life through content marketing, social media, ad campaigns, a website, branded utilities and games, and various digital innovation projects.

  • Manage digital channel operations from lead generation to order processing
  • Relaunched award winning B2C and B2B website on WordPress with over 1200 pages of visually compelling content
  • Developed and manage editorial for the Ask the Orkin Man blog
  • Built an advanced, custom analytics dashboard to monitor site traffic and lead generation

The new and improved delivers a rich, interactive experience across platforms. 97% of visitors engaged with the site and 83% completed an application.

Digital proof-of-concepts

  • New And Improved Rodent Trap
    • Working with Orkin, in a matter of hours, we prototyped a basic critter trap using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, magnetic switches, LEDs, a camera, and SMS gateways.
    • When triggered, the trap sends an e-mail and text message to the technician and home owner with a photograph of the captured “critter”.
    • Rodent traps are now live in the market
  • Live Feed Concept
    • Enables technicians to capture, stream, and upload videos to a customer account
    • Provides a better way for technicians to visually show a problem/situation, rather than describing without video aid or over the phone. Seeing the infestation also leads to up-sell moments.
    • Additionally, the videos will be used for technician training purposes