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Multinational conglomerate drives global standardization with a migration to Oracle cloud

Industry: Multinational conglomerate

Region: North America

Technology and services:

  • Oracle Cloud SaaS business platform
  • Capgemini CloudNow Transform Methodology
  • Capgemini Cloud Migration Accelerator toolkit

Business need:

  • A global company depended on two different ERP systems to get visibility into the business. One was running on-premises and the other on cloud.
  • Wanted to retire the on-premises system and migrate everything to the cloud to drive standardization
  • Needed to address issues such as customizations, localizations, taxes, and compliance
  • No clear path to expedite the cloud journey, so delays meant it spent more resources maintaining the on-premises system


  • Leveraged CloudNow Transform Methodology to define a cost-effective migration path to Oracle Cloud SaaS business platform
  • Capgemini developed a suite of applications on an open architecture for a range of configurations, modules, and data elements to support the migration.
  • Worked closely with the client to understand vision and guide a clear sequence of steps for setting up the general ledger, finance and accounting, and accounts receivables to create a gold-standard template to be rolled out globally
  • An ideal pilot was identified, one with minimal impact and maximum business-process complexity. A proof of concept was then implemented in Italy and Turkey and showed an accelerated move to cloud for configurations and globally, across 23 countries.
  • Leveraged Capgemini’s Cloud Migration Accelerator Toolkit to move transaction data to the cloud faster
  • Gold-standard template reduced deployment time and enforced standardizations for subsequent releases
  • Clear, rapid, reliable, and repeatable solution to move other businesses onto the cloud


  • Provided agile modernized platform for new go-to-market opportunities and future innovations around machine learning, IoT, blockchain, bots, etc.
  • Created a roadmap to reduce total cost of ownership and eliminated redundancy with one consolidated instance and uniform procedures
  • Configuration, transaction data, and testing automation drive savings of up to 80 percent
  • Saved approximately 200 person-days by moving 23 countries onto the cloud

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