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Client Story

frog and MeMed: Fighting against antimicrobial resistance

Client: MeMed
Region: North America
Sector: Life sciences

Award-winning medical testing device delivers results at point-of-care

MeMed is a medical technology company whose mission is to translate complex immune system signals into simple diagnostic insights.

MeMed wanted to create a new lab test that would combat antimicrobial resistance and help increase the accuracy by which doctors were prescribing antibiotics. That required a platform that delivered on the practical needs of care providers in a variety of facilities, while also meeting central lab technician testing standards.

MeMed partnered with frog (part of Capgemini Invent) to define and design a system that could perform diagnostics at the point-of-care in as little as 15 minutes. frog collaborated with MeMed throughout the entire design process, ensuring that the system was easy to use and capable of handling a diverse subset of users.

frog helped MeMed identify the core user needs and product requirements that would drive design and technology ideation. frog also orchestrated iterative design workshops to ensure that the development cycle was entirely collaborative.

The result was the Red Dot Award-winning device, MeMedKey. Its performance, convenience, and potential for testing at scale makes it one of the most promising tools for fighting off antimicrobial resistance. The MeMedKey is also a recipient of a CE Mark, affirming the device’s compliance to European standards.

“This was an enlightening experience of how far true collaboration between a group of talented individuals can reach.”

Dr. Kfir Oved, Co-founder, CTO, Chairman of the Board of Directors, MeMed