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Client Story

American Dental Association drives growth and member value

Client: American Dental Association
Region: North America
Sector: Services

The demographics of dentistry are changing. A younger generation does not want the long hours of a solo practice, and is instead prioritizing family and work/life balance. To make its memberships more valuable for this new wave of digital-native dentists, the American Dental Association needed to reimagine how technology and the business worked together.

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The tremendous thing about Capgemini is that if I have an idea, I have just about an unlimited number of walls to bounce it off of and the resources to ask if it makes sense. And they come through and help me and my colleagues determine if it makes sense for ADA.

Jordan Baugh
Chief Technology Officer
American Dental Association

By adopting Capgemini’s ADMnext framework, leveraging a global delivery model, and right-sourcing resources, the ADA reduced the cost of operating the standard IT systems and used the budget to invest in other technologies.

“When you put together everything – right-sourcing, RPA, cloud, and new systems – it is all…adding more value to members and the communities we serve.”

Technology is the largest budget in the ADA so they needed to find ways to maintain the spend while supporting growth. The association moved away from legacy systems and antiquated waterfall processes to be more agile and introduce new technology platforms.

“We got better line of sight into the IT work happening, and that helped us identify the processes we could change. Having metrics helped us realize there are other things we can explore beyond processes and take a more holistic view.”

Capgemini developed a mobile ADA membership dashboard and mobile app so members could sign up in seven seconds on their smartphones – rather than waiting days or weeks to become a member.

“Member growth is important to the ADA, because it is the largest source of our revenue. We are really focused on what we can do for dentistry and, hopefully, add new members to the ADA.”

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