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Accelerating medicine R&D cycles

Capgemini and Sanofi set a new industry standard by accelerating clinical trials with the Act4Patients  program 






Life Sciences

Client Challenge:  Since 2010, the average cost of launching new medicine has risen by 67%, with clinical trials accounting for two-thirds of R&D costs alone. As a key industry player, Sanofi’s trial protocols must incorporate personalized and new therapies while developing more flexible designs to address patients’ and sites’ needs.  

Solution: Capgemini is supporting Sanofi’s Act4Patients program, which explores innovative approaches and digital technologies that can accelerate clinical research cycles. The program creates value all along the value chain for patients, investigators, and doctors. 


  • More flexible, personalized patient journeys with increased homecare options thanks to a digital, integrated patient platform
  • Improved diversity in panels thanks to data-driven recruitment process
  • Throughout the course of trials, investigators can make better decisions, thanks to new data visualization tools and accelerated data flow

“We aim to reduce the development of our drugs by one to two years.” 

Audrey Lhomme 
Head of Digital Clinical Development at Sanofi  
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