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Where next on the eGovernment journey?

Who are the leaders and who are the laggards in the delivery of inclusive, convenient, and trusted eGovernment services? Find out in our podcast.

How easy is it for you to use government services? Are they efficient, responsive, and convenient so that you can access them when and where you want to? These are the core elements of modern eGovernment — but not all eGov is equal.

Join Capgemini’s Niels van der Linden and Massimiliano (Max) Claps of IDC as they discuss the different approaches to delivering eGovernment around the world with show host Oliver Jones. They argue that eGovernment is more than simply putting services online. Those services need to be enabled across multiple channels, including mobile, and they should be accessible for all, regardless of the digital skills or physical capability (e.g., visually impaired) of the citizens using them.

Niels and Max agree that there is still a long way to go to achieve a truly inclusive eGovernment that is not only multi-channel but embraces cross-agency collaboration. Nonetheless, some countries are ahead of the game and have already addressed key challenges, such as how to scale digital ID and introduce fully automated workflows.

Tune in to hear about the importance of designing user-centric digital services and the different levels of digital maturity between central and local governments. There’s debate on whether all government services should be digitized, the need to use data as a valued asset, and why both innovation and organizational change must feature in the broader digital transformation of government services.

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