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Commerce in the cloud: Retail modernization with Capgemini, Google Cloud and MongoDB 

With the power of Google Cloud, Capgemini, and MongoDB, companies can seamlessly migrate to the cloud to build better applications that enhance ecommerce platforms. 

In this webcast, you’ll hear from leaders from Google Cloud, Capgemini, and MongoDB Atlas to learn how the three work together to offer cloud-based ecommerce solutions that reduce development friction so your business can quickly and intelligently innovate with data – and keep the apps you create running smoothly, swiftly, and securely. 

Through this webcast, the audience will gain an understanding of how these three powerhouse partners collaborate to help you: 

  • Build fast and flexibly 
  • Infuse apps with intelligence 
  • Secure data. 


  • Google Cloud: Logan Vadivelu, Global Head – Retail Industry Solutions Strategy & GTM 
  • Capgemini: Jennifer Marchand, Google Cloud COE Head, Americas 
  • MongoDB: Prashant Juttukonda, Principal – Retail Industry Solutions 

Meet our expert

Jennifer Marchand

Expert in Business Architecture, Cloud migrations, Cloud strategy, PaaS