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Threekit is the leading 3D Visual Commerce Platform for brands, manufacturers, and retailers. Threekit’s platform automates the creation of 2D, 3D, and AR visuals and enables product configuration. With Threekit, shoppers can customize, zoom-in, rotate, add-parts, and more for eCommerce, sales, and service.

Having a digital version of the product is also proven to lead to breakthrough productivity gains for Threekit customers. Brands can prototype without actually making a physical product. They can email out millions of personalized products based on individual preferences, and put one product into multiple scenes without doing photoshoots.

Visual commerce is changing the way shoppers experience products digitally and will have a profound impact on NFTs and the Metaverse. Threekit enables brands to create thousands or millions of unique 1 of 1 product creations that can be minted and sold to fans and collectors as NFTs. As virtual products grow, they will increasingly be used for visual identities across virtual worlds.

For all those reasons, ISAI Cap Venture participated in the second fund-raising round, as a partner for acceleration. Capgemini plans to leverage Threekit in digital transformation programs and at the same time help Threekit scale across new geographical areas.

Lucia Sinapi Executive VP – Capgemini Ventures Managing DirectorMari Lymsalo Capgemini Ventures Ecosystem DirectorDarshan Shankavaram EVP, Digital Customer Experience Global Practice Leader at CapgeminiCharlton Monsanto EVP, Digital Customer Experience, North America