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Telcos and industrial companies will benefit from the introduction of 5G

Industrial companies have an immediate appetite for 5G

5G promises to solve the connectivity issues that beleaguer many industry verticals, including manufacturing, transport, logistics, and energy and utilities. In fact, two-thirds of these companies want to implement 5G within two years of its availability. But are telecom operators willing and able to meet their needs?

5G for manufacturing and industrial companies

Our new report from the Capgemini Research Institute, 5G in industrial operations: How telcos and industrial companies stand to benefit, employs interviews with more than 800 manufacturing and industrial companies to assess how willing they are to adopt 5G. This report also assesses where these companies feel that 5G would add the most value to their business. Additionally, we also spoke with 170 industry and telecom executives to understand the expectations industrial companies have of 5G and how telecom is able to meet those expectations.

To achieve these goals, we focus on four areas:

  • Industrial companies’ desire for speedy 5G adoption and what is driving their interest
  • How potential delays in 5G deployment are causing companies to consider applying for 5G licenses and the effect that might have on telecom players
  • The possible use cases that 5G offers
  • Key recommendations for manufacturing and telecom companies.

Collaboration is the key to implementing 5G

Industrial companies feel excitement for 5G but the right features will take some time to emerge. To fill that gap, some are weighing their options, like applying for their own licenses. Instead of acting as silos, and to fully realize the vast disruptive potential 5G offers, these companies should instead collaborate more closely with telecom operators, identify areas where 5G can add value, and design the right implementation roadmap.

Download 5G in industrial operations: How telcos and industrial companies stand to benefit

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