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SpeakUp complies with legal requirements in jurisdictions that have whistleblowing regulations. By upholding our people’s freedom to raise concerns and empowering us to put ethics into action, SpeakUp also contributes to safeguarding Capgemini’s culture of openness and our high ethical standards.

SpeakUp is voluntary, confidential, and allows anonymity, unless stated differently by a country’s local law. It ensures fairness, organizational justice, and prompt, systematic investigation. Capgemini trusts and expects team members to use SpeakUp in good faith and will firmly prohibit retaliation against whomever raises or helps address a legitimate concern.

Use SpeakUp to report concerns and request advice or guidance about actions or behaviors that are:

  • Not aligned with our Values, our Code of Business Ethics, or related ethics and compliance policies
  • Not in compliance with applicable laws, or
  • That may significantly affect vital interests of Capgemini and its affiliates.

SpeakUp Policy

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What is SpeakUp?

SpeakUp ensures our team members can raise genuine concerns regarding Capgemini business practices in good faith and without fear of retaliation. The Group prohibits retaliation against anyone who raises or helps to address a concern. Retaliation is grounds for discipline up to and including dismissal in accordance with the applicable legislation.


The SpeakUp helpline is being progressively rolled out in all the countries where Capgemini operates. To know if it is already available in your country, please check the SpeakUp helpline portal, which is updated on a regular basis.

Please read the SpeakUp policy for more information.

How to use SpeakUp