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Relieving oil and gas labor shortages with better experiences

Employees get empowered with intelligent operations

The US is facing a labor crunch. For oil and gas companies, this ongoing challenge has been made worse by the pandemic and fluctuating demand of oil and gas globally.

Professionals in the oil and gas sector solve some of the most complex problems in the world and, with an aging workforce, it is imperative for the industry to attract the right talent.

Any connected worker solution needs to focus on the employee. Solutions must be user-friendly, ergonomically sound, and have the IT infrastructure to support the technology.

Capgemini’s Intelligent Operations offerings center around equipment, process, and people. Even with the drive to Industry 4.0, people will always be the heart of the oil and gas industry.

Download Better experiences at the workplace can relieve oil and gas labor shortage to learn how connected worker technology can improve safety, efficiency, and productivity.