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Industry challenges and opportunities for payment firm transformation in the coming year

Anticipate continued payments industry transformation in 2024, with frontrunners streamlining processes and leveraging DeFi and AI. ISO 20022, upcoming PSD3 directives, and increasing payment offerings from BigTechs will all help to accelerate change.

Technology advancements are on track to revolutionize productivity and enhance data security, and new payment avenues will continue to rise globally. Central banks are implementing central bank digital currency, and payment firms are adopting cloud services to develop composable platforms.

Explore Payments Top Trends 2024 for strategic insights on how composable architectures are enabling payment modernization, and how initiatives focused on real-time payments, interoperability, and API enablement will drive efficiency and regulatory and payment market changes.

Meet our experts

Nilesh Vaidya

Global Industry Head – Retail Banking & Wealth Management

Jeroen Holscher

Expert in Banking, Cash management, Payments

Venugopal PSV

Senior Director, Cards and Payments practice