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Intelligent industry

How manufacturers can use data to help minimize Scope 1 emissions

Tracking and reporting Scope 1 emissions are critical steps for companies looking to reduce their carbon emissions. These owned or controlled sources are especially important for industries with inherently high direct emissions, such as manufacturers which create greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from fuel combustion in boilers, furnaces, and vehicles.

However, not all manufacturers are executing at speed. These companies don’t have the visibility they need because their data is disparate, disconnected, and not available to facilitate actions in near real time to reduce emissions.

Data will empower manufacturers to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and navigate toward a cleaner future. For example:

  • Accurately measuring energy consumption across facilities
  • Pinpointing inefficiencies in processes
  • Tracking fuel usage in vehicles.

Data collection and aggregation will also help companies move from reporting emissions monthly, or sometimes even yearly, to doing so weekly or daily. Regular tracking allows a business to adjust its operations to reduce emissions as well as avoid permit violations.  

Enabling a greener future

Capgemini works with manufacturers to make a measurable impact on their Scope 1 emissions. We support clients across areas that include:

Sustainable manufacturing

Capgemini helps with the design of systems and technologies for enabling and achieving sustainable goals, changing procedures and technology to minimize or reach zero landfill usage, and identifying ways to minimize energy and water usage.

Engineering capability

We bring deep experience in manufacturing and process engineering, industrial operations engineering, compliance, quality, and regulatory engineering.

Data analysis

Along with our data analytics partner SeeQ , we develop advanced tools to help manufacturers manage the large data sets necessary for in-depth analysis.


Using design thinking workshops and tools, we collaborate with clients to identify and implement innovative solutions to address emissions reductions.
It is time for manufacturers to prioritize sustainability by more actively tracking Scope 1 emissions. Read our PoV to learn how.