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Building brands with NFTs

NFTs are changing the game – literally, in tennis terms – but we’re only at the start of the journey. Find out more in our podcast.

Remember virtual land? Or crypto punks? If you’re new to NFTs – non-fungible tokens – you probably don’t but if you’ve been in the space for several years, you’ll know they were the precursor of today’s NFTs.

Join Capgemini Invent’s Chief Technology and Innovation Officer Kary Bheemaiah as he engages two of the world’s foremost NFT proponents in a discussion on where NFTs came from, who the NFT pioneers were, and what’s next for these digital assets.

The Metakey’s Matty Soudagar and Capgemini Metaverse Lab’s Dheeren Vélu explore the role of social media in building communities around NFTs, how to manage short attention spans in the crypto space, and the crossover between digital NFTs and physical brands like Nike and watch brand Hublot.

They look at the remarkable success of the Australian Open’s interactive NFT initiative and what lessons other event and tournament organizers can take away from it. It’s a wide-ranging conversation embracing the need for talent (both attracting and retaining), the challenge of interoperability between different virtual worlds, and the value of data in the metaverse and continually evolving world of NFTs.

Whether you’re just putting a toe in the water of NFTs or are keen to maximize your brand value by utilizing them, this podcast is a great stepping-stone to building your NFT knowledge.

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