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Exceeding our net zero ambitions

Are organizations asking the right questions about net zero? Find out in the first of our two-part podcast episode discussing ‘what’s next’ in the response to climate change.

Carbon neutrality. Climate positive. Net zero. There are plenty of buzzwords being used by business leaders across the world to describe the different responses to climate change. But what do they all mean? And is the target of net zero really enough to tackle a potentially catastrophic environmental crisis?

Listen to Capgemini’s Florent Andrillon, Kara Pecknold (frog), and Kiri Trier (Capgemini Invent Germany), along with special guest Allison ​Dring, Chief Executive Officer and ​Co-Founder of Made of Air. They’re joining show host Liz Lugnier for the first of a two-part Future Sight episode investigating the race to net zero — and beyond.

They argue that the individual response of each one of us to climate change, from recycling to eating less meat and finding alternative ways to get into work are small changes that, when added together, will bring about lasting change. But they’re not enough on their own. Industries too must work together to find better approaches, rather than just iterating change internally.

Tune in to our podcast to hear how our experts are bringing new thinking to this global challenge with sustainable business models, planet-centric customer and employee experiences, and regenerative ventures where a company’s whole purpose is to reverse climate change.

About the speakers

Allison DringAllison Dring
Allison is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Made of Air. She is an entrepreneur and architect with an interdisciplinary background in smart materials applied to the scale of cities. As Co-Founder of Elegant Embellishments, she initiated and managed the development of climate positive technologies to real world building applications. She lectures on topics involving technology and the environment and is an expert on smart cities, acting as Advisory Board Member for the smart city summit Creating Urban Tech Berlin and The Lifeboat Foundation.
Florent AndrillonFlorent Andrillon
Florent is the Vice President, Energy & Utilities Lead at Capgemini Invent. Having begun his career in the oil and energy sector, Florent has spent many years helping companies deliver their strategies for energy transition, acceleration, and global transformation, notably leveraging digital technology, such as smart buildings, e-mobility, and smart energy.
Kiri TrierKiri Trier
As Head of Sustainability Practice Germany, I investigate the right ESG strategy & business models for Capgemini’s clients encouraging them to drive sustainability from an end-to-end perspective with the right measurements according to ESGs related to the Paris Agreement.
Kara PecknoldKara Pecknold
Kara is an Executive Design Director and Sustainability lead at frog (part of Capgemini Invent) with more than 15 years of experience. She has a keen interest in the dynamic opportunities for change that can be found at the intersection of people, planet, products and systems. In her career, she has worked on projects with both Fortune 500 companies and impact organisations where she has had the privilege of working with clients and teams to improve experiences in health care, energy, mobility, financial services, consumer products and education.

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