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Energy and utilities companies need to harness the American Jobs Plan opportunity

Government program designed to drive energy transformation and innovation

Introduced in 2021, the American Jobs Plan is dedicating more than $2 trillion to create jobs in four main areas: buildings, schools, and aged care, transportation, manufacturing and innovation, and utilities.

It is a massive investment by the US government to modernize infrastructure to help create a renewable, sustainable future. The time is now for energy and utilities companies to take advantage of the proposed projects for funding.

Capgemini is already discussing the American Jobs Plan opportunities with clients to help determine the best strategy to maximize this opportunity. We have established partnerships to help utilities and energy companies secure funding for qualifying projects and make the best use of these funds.

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Learn how to take advantage of this once-in-a-generation investment in The American Jobs Plan is an opportunity energy and utilities companies cannot miss.
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Thank you for your interest in the American Jobs Plan and the opportunity for energy and utilities companies. Capgemini can help determine the best strategy. We look forward to continuing the conversation with you.

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