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Distributed energy resource management systems

Sustainably optimize the demand and flow of distributed energy resources (DER) across the grid

Utilities are under pressure to navigate industry complexities while ensuring stability and efficiency in operations.

Increased energy demands are pushing some grids past their limits, and aging infrastructure is putting the reliability of power output at significant risk.

Evolving market structures are also contributing to sector-wide challenges. Government regulations are emphasizing a push towards sustainable energy sources, and forecasting deficiencies and demand variability make it difficult for utilities to predict the allocation of resources.

The complex nature of the industry highlights the need for distributed energy resources (DER) within grids. DER are small-scale energy sources located across distribution systems. These resources are accessed during periods of increased energy consumption to offset demand. However, DER can negatively impact grid networks when improperly managed.

Capgemini’s distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) solution enables utilities to maximize the potential of DER in operations. DERMS platforms monitor and control the power output from renewable energy sources to protect people and equipment while optimizing DER utilization.

Our approach focuses on three primary areas.

  • Awareness: Operators require the capability to monitor resources and equipment to obtain a 360-degree view of the grid.
  • Forecasting: Operators must be able to use data to predict future energy demands and equipment requirements and strategize effectively.
  • Control/influence: As intermittent resources continue to impact the grid, utilities need to optimize the demand and flow of energy.

Capgemini is strategically positioned to help utilities navigate industry pressures and achieve the maximum value of DER. We integrate DERMS into the larger scope of business transformation to create processes that offer true value to utilities and their customers.

DERMS helps utilities incorporate clean energy in a safe, responsible, and profitable way. Capgemini’s technology and industry expertise enable utilities to realize the vast potential of renewable energy.