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Capgemini Retail & Consumer Products OutPerform

Capgemini Retail & Consumer Products (CP) OutPerform helps retailers and CPG businesses on their journey to insights-driven decisioning.

                <p>The road to becoming an insights-driven business can be long and unclear so, to help our clients navigate, we developed Capgemini Retail &amp; CP OutPerform. The approach addresses two distinct problems we continually see clients encountering: not having enough access to data and insights across their business, and/or not being able to move data-driven insights to the heart of decisioning.</p>

You need data to be a successful business today. This is especially true for retail and CP companies; knowing how customers interact with your brand is critical. But having basic data isn’t enough anymore. Rapidly changing social media sentiment, consumer trends, and product advertising campaigns are all integral to how you make decisions about your business.

From luxury fashion retailers to the world’s largest consumer products brands, we’ve partnered with our clients to put insights and analytics at the heart of all decision making. Whether it’s marketing, operations, commerce, or supply chain functions, Capgemini helps companies activate their ability to understand and anticipate consumer behaviors in markets around the world.

Contact us today to learn how our outcome-based approach delivers unprecedented insights directly to retailers and CP organizations and is at the heart of a client’s digital transformation.

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