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Data and AI

Awash in ESG data? Learn how to find the insights

A strong data foundation incorporating structured and unstructured data leads to stronger ESG strategy-led outcomes

Financial services organizations have a responsibility to society to promote a more sustainable economy. But sustainability is not just a goal, it needs to be a way of life and an integral part of conducting business. Organizations that embark on an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) journey must first define their north star based on their ESG transformation goals. Once a strategy has been defined, data is critical to success. Organizations must create a flexible data infrastructure to establish a solid ESG data supply chain.

Capgemini recently hosted a webinar with Accern where three leading experts presented their insights and perspectives on ESG in the financial services industry. Their conversation focused on key ESG investment areas, incorporating structured and unstructured data into the ESG supply chain, and methods to identify real-time insights and trends.

Learn how the ability to incorporate unstructured data can help you quickly discover new ESG themes and categories in real-time. Download our POV for a recap of their discussion.

Featured presenters:

  • Arindam Choudhury, Head of Banking and Capital Markets, Financial Services Insights & Data, Capgemini
  • Tej Vakta, Senior Industry Leader and Head of ESG Solutions, Financial Services Insights & Data, Capgemini
  • Kumesh Aroomoogan, Co-founder and CEO, Accern