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The automotive industry is transitioning to electric vehicle battery production at scale, innovating for efficiency, sustainability, and rapid growth is more crucial than ever.

Battery manufacturers are all racing to increase speed to production, speed to market, and speed to revenue. However, building a gigafactory with successful and profitable battery production requires advanced technologies and processes that can offset production costs, reduce total cost of ownership (TOC), and ultimately accelerate EV adoption.

Capgemini is helping organizations build gigafactories from pilot to production. In a race where time is of the essence, our Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) workshops can fast track your progress.

As a trusted advisor and pioneer in the battery industry, we can be your guide, providing expertise around our proven capabilities:

  • Digital Core and Industrial Data Platform: Implementing end-to-end optimized business processes such as ERP, MES, and MOM, leading to a hyper-efficient gigafactory
  • Capgemini Battery Academy: A comprehensive approach for talent acquisition, onboarding, training, and certifying employees, to provide a timely production kick-off
  • Sustainable supply chain and operations: From raw material procurement, traceability, and regulatory compliance to circular economy practices, we help prioritize sustainability at every step. We can help your organization engineer secure, sustainable, and resilient gigafactory supply chains, while emphasizing recycling and reducing the carbon footprint.

For more information about our gigafactory solutions or our curated ASE Workshops, please fill out the form below and one of our gigafactory subject matter experts will be in touch. Gain a competitive edge and break free from the five-to-seven year timeline for factory setup.

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