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The exponential lift that revolutionized personal devices is coming to your enterprise

Goutham Belliappa

Remember when you held your first smartphone? You knew it was a dynamic device, but few really grasped the potential that was about to unfold within that rectangular piece of glass and metal.

It marked the marriage of so many media in one place and it became the hub of our personal lives. As we approach the age of 5G, millions of apps are available within seconds, there is limitless content, and social connections have no boundaries. We’re just now starting to open our minds to the true potential of our personal devices.

This is the power of convergence – the exponential lift that occurs when multiple forces combine. We are on the cusp of another explosion of productivity, but this time it will unfold within the enterprise.

As enterprise applications, next-gen low-code development platforms, collaborations suites, and insight tools come together, we will see an explosion of efficiency, cooperation, and improved user experience across the workplace. Smart devices served as the hub of the personal revolution, and we see the cloud platform playing that same role within the enterprise.

The right cloud platform is designed to protect the enterprise against evolving threats while ensuring compliance and lowering costs. From field work to worker safety to customer experience, a move to the cloud has the ability to deliver the smartphone effect. It is also the gateway to the next wave of game-changing technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. This convergence is coming, and you need to be ready.

Leading enterprises are turning to Microsoft Azure increasingly as a global Cloud standard. Microsoft Azure is a trusted hybrid Cloud provider that enables your organization to achieve global reach and enterprise class scale backed by best in class support and SLAs.

By incorporating Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory for SAP S/4HANA™, Capgemini now offers a robust suite of solutions for SAP on Azure under its Industry Path offerings.

Capgemini Industry Path Solutions, leveraging Microsoft and Intel technologies enable organizations to make the transition to SAP S/4HANA smoother, easier and more cost efficient, while realizing faster ROI.

Moreover, the elasticity that Azure offers, optimized Intel Optane DC persistent memory marries well with the cyclical nature of the Oil & Gas industry. The ability to scale up and down as the business dictates gives today’s CIO an additional lever to best manage their organizations, reducing time to implement and total operating costs.

We have partnered with Microsoft and Intel on many projects to leverage the power of Azure with our SAP-certified Oil & Gas solutions. Over the past 12 years, we have had more than 30 successful implementations using our industry-specific SAP accelerator, leveraging our deep Azure bench of thousands of Capgemini Azure certified experts. Deploying enterprise-ready solutions in four months means companies can start getting value from their technology sooner. And the flexibility of Azure cloud allows for partitioning, so users can start using it even in the early stages of design.

Coupled with the cost and security benefits offered by an Azure-based SAP strategy and Intel Optane DC persistent memory for SAP S/4HANA, we see this three-way combination as a solid foundational core for any Oil & Gas enterprise. Even with industry uncertainty, it is time to invest in the systems that will propel a business into the future. Like the smartphone, cloud technology is changing the way we operate.

While these foundational benefits drive a strong value proposition, the true transformational changes are still to come as solutions and platforms converge. The extensibility of the Azure platform via assets like the Power Platform and Collaboration Tools help release new insights and new ways of working that were traditionally locked in ERP silos.

Our blog series over the next few months will unpack some of the amazing, industry-specific benefits companies are starting to realize as we walk with Microsoft and Intel customers down their own paths of convergence.

Topics will include innovation at the edge, automation and intelligent operations, collaboration beyond the four walls, and three-dimensional insights. For now, explore the potential of EnergyPath and READYUpstream for your organization, and ask yourself: are you ready to converge?

To learn more about Capgemini’s Oil & Gas practice, Goutham Belliappa, NA Vice President Cognitive, AI & Big Data at