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Fueling your organization’s business transformation using Capgemini’s solution for intelligent, sustainable connected assets

Rammohan Shenoy
18 Jun 2023

Building for both the needs of today and the changes that will come in the future is a challenge. Organizations must overcome several hurdles, including operational-wastage prevention, carbon-impact reduction, worker safety, compliance adherence, and optimization of manufacturing operations.

Most organizations have assets spread across the globe and need to analyze data intelligently and quickly to take corrective actions. Using data to address critical operational efficiencies, measure performance metrics, and improve product innovation and workforce planning leads to calculated insights that solve complex business scenarios.

Research shows that using analytical data across connected plants enables machines and people to make intelligent, facts-based decisions, thereby improving plant efficiency. Operational leaders need to make their plant operations smart by gathering and measuring critical asset data as the first step towards making fact-based decisions to improve efficiency and achieve optimum utilization.

C-level leaders need guidance to make their operations sustainable while remaining profitable and competitive. Capgemini is responding to the climate crisis by investing in data and intelligent plant solutions that provide actionable insight to predict maintenance needs better and improve the manufacturing process.

To start, leverage your SAP S/4HANA system investment for SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)-based innovations. Utilize the SAP BTP Integration Suite to connect various plant systems (manufacturing, quality, plant maintenance, and warehousing), creating a truly smart connected enterprise. A connected enterprise brings visibility to operational wastage so improvements can be made to achieve manufacturing process efficiency, improve productivity, and reduce downtime and reduce carbon impact. This is a crucial step towards reaching your sustainability needs in pursuit of a cleaner, greener environment by reducing waste and unwanted carbon emissions.

To get there, leverage IoT-enabled devices like GPS sensors and tags to connect or mount your factory assets. As 5G connectivity becomes more available across plant locations, these devices can provide real-time data to operational leaders to make decisions and save costs. Organizations also need to leverage AI skills and IoT data to learn about issues before they occur, trigger alerts, and take automated actions to resolve problems, thereby improving the overall health of plant assets and extending their life cycle.

Capgemini’s solution for intelligent, sustainable connected assets is built with SAP’s Clean Core in mind. This avoids creating unnecessary customizations in your SAP S/4HANA digital core. It combines the power of SAP BTP and S/4HANA with Capgemini’s location-based services (LBS). The SAP BTP platform provides an end-to-end solution with intelligent applications and an integration suite to provide real-time data insights. Capgemini’s LBS, with its multi-sensor technology, provides visibility to mobile and non-mobile assets across the entire plant or warehouse, providing seamless track-and-trace functionality with its IoT devices, GPS sensors, and tags.

By getting the technology integration right, an organization’s business ambition can be enhanced with increased efficiency and cost optimization. With connected plant assets, factories can improve throughput and have seamless visibility into bottlenecks, machine performance, and other operational inefficiencies. With more visibility, companies can increase yields by up to five percent, decrease production downtime, reduce waste by 20 to 25 percent, optimize overall equipment efficiency, and improve productivity. Production efficiency helps organizations achieve sustainability goals and enables smart-factory adoption. Those who have yet to embark on their intelligent factory journey risk falling behind for better quality, productivity, yield, and sustainability.


Rammohan Shenoy

Senior Manager, SAP Solutions Director & Practise lead for Warehousing solutions
Ram has over 24 years of consulting and business transformation expertise implementing ERP solutions in Supply chain and Manufacturing. He has strong Solution & Program management skills having led transformation projects with P&L responsibility as Delivery executive. Ram is a thought leader in Supply chain warehousing and manufacturing solutions and is publisher of Point of View articles.

Rémon Hogguer

Principal, SAP Enterprise Architect/Strategic Advisor Lead, SAP COE IP Lead, SAP Business Technology Platform Solution
Mr. Hogguer has over 25 years of consulting and business experience and an in-depth understanding of managing and implementing SAP-enabled business transformation programs as a PMO lead, and a delivery and account executive. He has comprehensive supply chain management knowledge across multiple industries, and has hands-on experience with all aspects of system implementations, including strategic roadmap development, upgrades, change management, re-engineering, training, requirements definition, design, development, documentation, testing, quality assurance, and post-implementation support.