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Revolutionizing Automotive Harmony

Alex Bulat
Dec 26, 2023

Human ingenuity combined with technology: 

How does a the new Volvo Cars XC30 model sound like? And could you make music 🎧 with its sounds? Volvo and the team at Klevgrand gave it a go and they made it available to all of us to play around with. I love this kind of experimentation, technology and innovation is all about playing with it, experimenting and pushing the boundaries.

Have fun creating something new and share with us what you have created 😊here is the link to play with:

Meet the author

Alex Bulat

Group Technology Director
Alex is Group Technology Director, focused on helping our customers transform and adopt to the new digital age, and integrate new and disruptive innovations into their business. He is focused on driving the expansion and delivery of digital transformation and helping companies to get a grasp on future technologies like IoT, AI, Big data and Blockchain. He also focuses on how new innovations, disruptive technologies, and new platforms like Uber, impact the current businesses.