Renjith Sreekumar
9 Nov 2022

As the digital revolution advances, organizations are aggressively pursuing digitization opportunities to strengthen their competitive advantage. One of the key ways to achieve this competitiveness is to have an efficient process for deploying and operating applications, which enables organizations’ teams to provide features to end customers faster.

This necessitates a software delivery model that meets the modern needs of speed, DevOps/agile software development, and delivery, to consistently ship new features to customers at pace. Innovating faster and better has never been more critical to organizational survival.

Infrastructure organizations need to transform in response to digitization and agile software development needs by both reducing lead times to utilize infrastructure services and embracing constant change. They need to assemble and deliver infrastructure and common application services through self-services and APIs, accessible in real time. They also need to embrace infrastructure as code, progressive deployment options such as blue-green deployments, and rapid experimentation with new architecture blueprints.

However, in today’s world of hybrid and multi-cloud environments, rather than spending more time focusing on product features and reducing time to market, application teams toil with the massive complexity of cloud technologies, workflows, tools, and skillsets to manage and maintain cloud infrastructure, PaaS, CI/CD, and operational tools.

Platform engineering addresses this challenge by rationalizing dependencies and complexities into developer self-services and automation that can be consumed during the CICD processes and production operations. This allows application teams to refocus their attention to business functionality and high velocity feature delivery.

At Capgemini, we help clients establish a platform team, with a community focus towards engineering innovation in cloud. We bring expertise to enable a lifecycle approach to platform services, from engineering to operations, by abstracting developer self-services for agile and high-speed development.

Our thought leadership and services are creating a profound impact in the market, helping organizations to deliver products faster while ensuring resiliency, reliability, and driving customer experience.

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<strong>Renjith Sreekumar</strong>

Renjith Sreekumar

Global Portfolio Leader, Cloud Platform Engineering and SRE Services