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Unlock business value with SAP Datasphere

Hanna Eun
7 Mar 2023

Data is a key driver and differentiator of success and yet, according to the Capgemini Research Institute  report The data-powered enterprise: Why organizations must strengthen their data mastery, organizations still have ground to cover when it comes to data-driven decision making and actioning. Only 39 percent of companies are successfully turning data-driven insights into a sustained competitive advantage. This may be because only 20 percent of business executives trust their data, often because it is of poor quality and is held in silos. The small minority that does trust its data enjoys a significant performance advantage over the rest, seeing up to 22 percent higher profitability and 70 percent greater revenue per employee. These are the data masters.

Data masters know how to use data to secure business outcomes by leveraging insights into actions. Those companies have the necessary data fabric and governance, and are data driven. Their information can be accessed, manipulated, and analyzed by business users, serving to maximize decision making.

A common problem in today’s businesses is that data is held in silos, often scattered across different IT systems and applications, making it difficult for decision-makers to access accurate and timely information. SAP Datasphere is a powerful solution, enabling data-driven decisioning, simplifying data landscapes, and creating a business data fabric that provides real-time, trusted data that can be accessed, harmonized, and analyzed by business users. 

SAP Datasphere allows organizations to retain the valuable business context of data, from both SAP and non-SAP sources. Decision-makers can access authoritative trusted data when and where they are needed, ensuring necessary information is available to make informed decisions. Existing SAP models can be converted and applied to hybrid data sources, enabling organizations to leverage their existing skills and projects. Business users will have real-time, trusted data that can be accessed, manipulated, and analyzed by business users serving themselves, to maximize decision making. At the same time, IT can provide governance throughout the data lifecycle.

With Renewable Insights powered by SAP analytics, we will help your organization become a data-leading organization using SAP Datasphere. By addressing data challenges and transforming the way your business analyzes data, a scalable process can be created to optimize analytics to make sound decisions with value-driven outcomes. Empowering your people to achieve value-driven business outcomes is not easy. By creating a flexible structure for transformation and taking incremental steps for continuous innovation, your data can be a renewable asset – establishing a foundation to cultivate, to harmonize, and to adapt to changes and improvements, benefitting your business and your people for the long term.

With a business data fabric based on SAP Datasphere, organizations can simplify their data landscape while ensuring that enterprise-grade governance is maintained, using a flexible approach, tailoring each solution, and offering the personalized experience of our clients. Decision-makers have access to real-time, trusted data, and can make informed decisions based on accurate information. Leveraging and integrating SAP Datasphere, businesses will have enhanced data-driven decision-making with a simplified data landscape.

SAP Datasphere provides an end-to-end data management and decision-making cloud solution designed for both business and IT users.  By using SAP Datasphere, organizations can become more agile and resilient to change and uncertainty, enabling them to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

To learn more about Renewable Insights powered by SAP insights and data, contact Hanna Eun, North America practice leader for SAP Insights and Data, at

Hanna Eun

SAP Insights & Data North America Practice Lead
With over twenty-five years of business experience implementing enterprise resource planning software, Hanna helps companies streamline business processes and develops trusted client relationships by building effective teams. Having a proven track record of driving successful IT transformations across industries, she leverages her leadership skills to help customers implement key IT programs, realize operational goals, and deliver bottom-line results.

Frank Gundlich

SAP Insights & Data Northern Central Europe
With almost two decades in data & analytics Frank helps companies on defining their data and analytics strategies. He has a proven track record in implementing hybrid technology architectures with a strong SAP backbone. Enabling new business models and processes, while supporting the digital transformation of his customers.