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Employee spotlight: Diego Plaza and Serey Vanny


Diego Plaza

Why did you choose to join Capgemini Government Solutions (CGS)?
I joined CGS because I had a sense that it was a company that appreciated change and understood the need for growth. I wanted to join a company where I could add value and make a difference and be part of the company’s growth. CGS has proven to be a company that appreciates the opinion and expertise of its employees and continuously shows its desire to grow its business and employees.

What is your role and how has that evolved while at Capgemini?
Over the last five years, I have been with CGS in the Contracts Department, but my role has changed over time. I started off at CGS as a Senior Contracts Administrator and I am now the Director of Contracts. My role has evolved out of necessity, for the Contracts Department to grow, adapt, and expand over the last couple of years as a result of changes to the business environment and the evolution of federal government needs and regulations.

What sets CGS apart from other places you have worked?
The fact that CGS has a large parent company backing it while having a certain level of autonomy from the rest of the Capgemini Group allows for CGS to be unique and successful. This rare combination allows the Market and Operation teams to operate day-to-day in a “middle-sized” company environment while being able to rely on the technical capabilities, experience, and expertise of a large company. Given this unique circumstance, CGS employees gain new experiences and exposure in other areas that they would normally never access at a larger company, which contributes to each employee’s overall professional growth.

Serey Vanny

Tell us about your career journey with Capgemini.
Of all the company’s I’ve worked at, CGS has been the one place where I have learned and grown the most in my career. I feel blessed to work with a great team of people who really value each other’s strengths and ideas, and really feel I can have my voice heard to make decisions that can help drive the business in the right direction.

What are your favorite perks that Capgemini offers?
My favorite perk is a good work/life balance, with the ability to work remotely. We have the technology set up so we are able to perform our work from any location if needed, and I am extremely lucky to be part of a wonderful team who recognizes and promotes both hard work and balance at home.

What experiences have you benefited most from during your time with CGS?
I have benefited the most from my tenure at CGS from having a great manager who is always looking for opportunities to help me grow and challenges me to learn new things based on my interests. Because of this, I have had opportunities to work on different projects that allowed me to learn new technical skillsets and consistently expose me to fun new projects.

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