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Driving efficiency in the era of agility – part two


Having a process is no longer good enough. Consistency, scalability, and agility are the new kings of business value, and companies that have organized around monolithic technologies, systems, and processes are fighting an uphill battle.

As discussed in part one of this blog, the new paradigm of today’s experience economy calls for new solutions, approaches, and mindsets. Flexible processes, automated tasks, and data centrality now take precedence over disparate systems that may work for some but not for others.

Every company is unique, with distinct customers, strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and solutions. We can’t provide a one-size-fits-all solution that can be rolled out and implemented. What we can do is walk you through a recent solution that Capgemini and Pega implemented at a large, private US telecom company. This approach shows how intelligent business processes automation and management can not only drive efficiencies, but also streamline the entire customer experience.

The challenge

The client is one of the largest private telecom providers in the US and, with more than six million customers, keeping its network capabilities ahead of the curve is paramount.

We addressed the need through a multi-year network-transformation initiative and a large onus placed on construction and engineering teams working at scale and completing a roadmap of critical infrastructure projects. This forced the client to find ways to optimize its support systems and processes for these teams. Standardizing and updating legacy systems and siloed business processes is a vital part of this optimization exercise. These legacy systems hindered the client’s ability to deploy these teams effectively and created many roadblocks towards quickly transforming and optimizing its network.

The solution

Capgemini and Pega looked to a hybrid approach to technology and smart business design solutions to address the client’s needs. Leveraging a single, scalable Pega technology platform, Capgemini designed a new workflow productivity optimization system. This platform connects and streamlines all of the disparate inputs that come together, driving engineering and construction teams towards the completion of their projects.

The Pega platform supports single, standardized business processes and use-case management to coordinate complex workflows and dependencies between departments. Previously, these were all separate workflows, handled by different departments, and each done manually, creating no single system of record.

The team also integrated a Pega mobility solution to help the client manage and track inventory and materials required for its network-transformation initiatives. These integrations now allow the client to track materials, monitor contractor inventory, and manage every aspect of its asset lifecycle for full end-to-end visibility.

Lastly, the cycle was completed with an application reporting tool, creating valuable, new analytics dashboards, allowing leaders to assess volume, health, time-to-complete, and financial tracking metrics for various regions and departments all in real-time.

Outcomes – the value of agility

The implementation and continued rollout of this powerful solution has been a smashing success. With cross-company visibility into how these transformation initiatives are affecting different business units, leadership can react with speed and address environment or business changes before efficiency and performance are impacted.

Instead of putting all of their chips in on a monolithic solution that hopefully might work, the client now has a scalable, powerful solution in place that enhances efficiency and provides unparalleled agility to react, change, and optimize its business at scale.

This is what success in the age of agility looks like. If you want to learn more about how your organization too can thrive in this new paradigm, please contact us.

Amar Phadnis

Author details

Amar Phadnis: Amar is a seasoned delivery lead with over 19 years of experience in assisting clients meet their strategic objectives and technology challenges. He is an expert in telecom engineering and construction processes with extensive experience in architecting solutions for systems. His specialties include solution architecture, engagement management, business-process improvement, and billing-quality assurance. With over 10 years at Capgemini, Amar became a Senior Manager on the Capgemini Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Pega Alliance team in January 2020.