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Celebrating Google Cloud Partner of the Year

Genevieve Chamard
Sep 1, 2023

What does a powerful partner look like? I believe that a strong partnership adds value and uncovers new opportunities by combining the strengths from each angle, to create a unique, collaborative advantage.

This is exactly how I see Capgemini and Google Cloud’s partnership, which is going from strength to strength at a rapid pace. It’s a truly exciting journey to be on.

I am extremely pleased to share that Capgemini’s shared vision of success with Google Cloud has been recognized by Google, with global awards for Google Cloud Industry Solution Services Partner of the Year and Breakthrough Partner of the Year. Capgemini was also named Industry Solution Services Partner of the Year for Government and Services Partner of the Year in Germany.

This is a proud moment for all of us at Capgemini. Google Cloud is one of our core global partnerships and we work together to identify and execute growth initiatives. And the results of our dedicated partnership are innovative breakthroughs and outstanding growth in our customer base.

Productive partnership

Good partnerships evolve, like a living system, to find new possibilities. Both sides need to collaborate to create new value together, rather than viewing it as a straight exchange. Both need to invest and exchange ideas to build a solution that delivers for customers.

What makes a partner of the year? Google Cloud recognizes those committed to steering towards a customer-first vision and creating industry-leading solutions with Google Cloud.

Capgemini understands these efforts form an ecosystem, evolving and growing in possibilities. We have leveraged the Google Cloud solution stack to create comprehensive and compelling solutions that made significant impacts in the retail and financial-services sectors in multiple regions. In addition, our team also provided exceptional service and enabled customer success by innovating, building, and delivering the right combination of Google Cloud solutions.

Breaking through

Being named Breakthrough Partner of the Year was both a surprise and an honor. This award recognizes emerging partners that expanded their relationships with Google Cloud in the past year, resulting in innovative breakthroughs and outstanding growth in their customer base and revenue.

We worked hard on our go-to-market approach, which has been tightly aligned with Google Cloud in offering a full suite of services to assist clients in adopting a data-driven model of business transformation. We focused on developing accelerators and repeatable methodologies built on Google Cloud that deliver for clients. Being recognized as the Breakthrough Partner of the Year shows we have made the right choices with our efforts.

Generative AI expansion

Recently, we also expanded our long-standing strategic partnership by creating a global Generative AI Google Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE) to explore the full potential of AI technologies. This will help our clients advance their business-transformation goals, enhance engagement with customers, and accelerate value creation from AI investments.

The combination of Google Cloud’s generative AI technologies and Capgemini’s three-dimensional approach, informed by industry expertise, deep product and software engineering skills, and data-science capabilities will create entire AI journeys from ideation to value creation. Our goal is to develop a rich library of more than 500 industry use cases that will provide the foundation for success. It is an exciting opportunity for Capgemini to engage more than 65,000 people in the Google Cloud generative AI specialist community to scale and accelerate initiatives.

Accelerating transformation

Everyone wants to get to market faster. Last year, we worked with the Google Cloud team to develop and build IDEA (Industrialized Data and Engineering Acceleration). It is a suite of accelerators, frameworks, methodologies, best practices, and implementation capabilities designed to help organizations modernize, democratize, and industrialize their data estate through next-gen data and AI platforms. The accelerator allows us to set up client infrastructure around data within days as opposed to months – and it reduces time-to-value by 40 percent.

The key was collaboration. IDEA was created by validating business cases, leveraging Google Cloud SME expertise to optimize solution architectures, and proving go-to-market processes to drive pipeline leads and win deals. It was a joint investment that provided a pathway to new clients. It is truly a best-in-class joint effort with Google Cloud and the results prove it.

Unleash what’s possible

When you enter a partnership, you want the connection to provide options for the future, open new doors, and find unchartered opportunities. And we intend to keep the collaboration going. We will continue to deliver exceptional personalized experiences to customers, harness the potential of data, and optimize the operation of systems and processes.

We will also continue to focus on smart strategies, end-to-end support, flexible and open technology, and robust security. We will use our deep experience in key industries to deliver cutting-edge, market-specific solutions that help enterprises adapt to the changing world, innovate for growth, navigate economic changes, and re-invent their business models.

Capgemini and Google Cloud have the power to move a company into the future. We can help you reach digital-transformation goals faster and more securely. I’m looking forward to another year of exceeding expectations and accelerating the future vision our customers want. Put the full power of Google Cloud at your service with Capgemini.


Genevieve Chamard

Expert in Manufacturing, Retail