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Capgemini’s Insights and Data team presents the Cloud Analytics Champion Awards

Goutham Belliappa

There were several nominations by Capgemini and our clients for this award. In the end, Tyson and Venkatesh from Coca-Cola North America won out for their pioneering work on the AWS platform – for accelerating Agile delivery through continuous integration initiatives and driving collaborative business value to support Coca-Cola North America’s #Data and #AI initiatives.

Their work in combining the best of AWS cloud-native architecture for analytics with complimentary cloud-native accelerators from Capgemini has reduced the cost to serve and time to value by consolidating legacy massively parallel processing (MPP) databases and big data platforms into a unified infostructure for data and AI serving multiple business units with an end-to-end “white-glove service” which significantly increased business adoption.

  • Venkatesh, working with the Capgemini team, led the migration activities that included the refactoring of highly complex legacy MPP and legacy Hadoop applications into a consolidated Invoicing and Bottler Payment system. This new AWS-centric platform leverages Aurora Postgres, AWS Data Lake, and Athena to support reporting and business dashboards; Venky has driven development lifecycle transformation initiatives, focusing on establishing a DevOps culture inside Coca-Cola North America which included IAC initiatives for rapid spin-up and spin-down environments to support business and IT SLAs as well as for ad-hoc and other business needs, this shift to automation helps match the business demand to the cost to serve and reduce wasted IT cycles. Collaborating with and leveraging Capgemini-built accelerators, Venky and the Capgemini team implemented continuous integration pipelines using Bitbucket and Jenkins for application code management as well as IAC and platform automation.
  • Tyson is a key pioneer driving data science platform and outcomes on AWS, leveraging various internal and external datasets to support analytics initiatives – supporting CPG analytic use cases such as market challenge, outlet execution, demand forecasting but at a much higher velocity and accuracy than was possible without the dynamism and features of AWS. Tyson has been instrumental in creating a single source of truth for top-line metrics, data sets, and analytics.

What impressed us about the two entries was how they typified how companies can think differently about data and analytics when leveraging the cloud. With Venkatesh showing how cloud enables his company to shift towards dynamic elastic analytics, rather than being constrained by physical infrastructure, and Tyson showing how the business can leverage that elasticity to deliver new and better AI outcomes to various – previously siloed teams from Coca-Cola North America have really demonstrated how Analytics demands the cloud, and how cloud thinking enables analytics and sharing in the cloud.” – Steve Jones Global VP & Ninja for Big Data

I am proud and honored to know both these individuals. Scott Sweet, North America Head of Insights and Data presented the awards to these two deserving pioneers last week at AWS  #Reinvent2018 in Las Vegas.

From left to right: Kishore Balantrapu, Venkatesh Govindaraj, Tyson Morris, Scott Sweet, Dominique Duval