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5 Ways AI-Powered Contact Centers are Transforming the Public Sector

Philip Bush
Mar 05, 2024

People who work in government strive to offer efficient, personal, and empathetic service to their constituents. But, they’re often forced to do so in an environment built on aging technological infrastructure, with limited resources and tight budgets. This significantly impacts their ability to do their jobs efficiently.

Capgemini Intelligent Customer Operations Powered by Amazon Connect, is a cloud-based end-to-end solution designed to resolve these issues and help contact centers offer a new customer experience with the power of artificial intelligence. This type of generative AI learns the properties and patterns in existing data and uses it to create original content, like text, images and video. Other prominent examples of generative AI include ChatGPT, DALL-E, and Google Gemini.

With Intelligent Customer Operations Powered by Amazon Connect, agencies can offer their constituents a true omnichannel experience across voice and chat, with built-in multilingual support and real-time analysis of customer interactions. Here’s how:

5 Benefits of Intelligent Customer Operations Powered by Amazon Connect for public sector agencies

1. Serious cost savings

According to a Total Economic Impact report by Forrester, deploying Amazon Connect leads to an average cloud subscription cost savings of 31 percent. In addition, the average organization experiences a return on investment (ROI) of 241 percent within three years, thanks to reduced labor and technology savings and increased operating income.

2. Shorter hold times

Public sector agencies often receive a high volume of repetitive inquiries, but there are only so many agents available to answer these calls. It’s a recipe for long wait times.

Capgemini works with public sector agencies to deploy chatbots on Amazon Connect. These chatbots use natural language processing to quickly provide accurate information to constituents. This shortens wait times and frees up human agents to handle more complex queries.

This boost in efficiency allowed a national provider of health guidance and information services to offer near real-time coordinated care and significantly accelerate its triage and decision-making.

3. Personalized interactions

Capgemini Intelligent Customer Operations Powered by Amazon Connect enables public sector organizations to use voice and chat when interacting with their constituents. This provides more options for citizens and empowers them to choose the communication method they’re most comfortable with.

This is a significant benefit on its own, but it can be game changing when an organization serves a diverse population with different language preferences. By interacting in their preferred language and communication method, constituents feel heard and respected.

Amazon Connect also offers personalization through various other features. For example, whenever an agency needs to share important information, like an emergency alert or public health notice, Amazon Connect can quickly automate and personalize these communications for audiences. Amazon Connect’s AI can also analyze historical data and predict potential issues or service requirements. This gives agencies the ability to reach out proactively to constituents who might require more assistance, and address concerns before they escalate.

4. Increased citizen satisfaction

Amazon Connect chatbots can offer step-by-step guidance and automated assistance when filling out forms for licenses, permits, and benefits for constituents visiting their local agency website. This makes the application process easier and minimizes errors.

These features improve a person’s experience with their local government, whether they interact with an agent or through self-service. The easier it is for constituents to get what they need done, the more satisfied they are with their local agency.

For example, after Capgemini implemented Amazon Connect for a large metropolitan police force, they nearly doubled their satisfaction rate measured by a post-call survey program.

5. Improved efficiency and resource allocation

True self-service capabilities significantly reduce the load on an already-strained workforce. Instead of spending time tracking down information, agents can deploy chatbots to find answers and resolve a caller’s needs quickly.

As an open platform, our Intelligent Customer Operations Powered by Amazon Connect easily integrates with CRMs, ERPs, and other custom solutions to aggregate customer profiles across these disparate systems and provide real-time analytics. Access to this data is essential for informed decision-making by government leaders.  Access to better data also empowers agencies to identify trends and better understand citizen sentiment so they can iterate and improve their services and offerings.

Serve your constituents with Intelligent Customer Operations Powered by Amazon Connect

By embracing AI, organizations can rewrite the narrative of customer service and make public sector contact centers more efficient, personalized and innovative. Learn more about how Capgemini and Amazon Connect can help you unlock these benefits for your organization.

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Philip Bush

AWS Connect GTM Leader
Philip is the Amazon Connect SME & GTM Lead in North America focusing on cloud contact center modernization across all business sectors.