World Retail Banking Report 2017

Key findings

The World Retail Banking Report 2017 by Capgemini and Efma finds that, spurred by FinTech innovation, the banking industry is evolving to an open-source model through the use of APIs.  Banks must embrace and lead this Open Banking evolution to maintain and build customer relationships and avoid disintermediation. The report draws on insights and inputs from over 125 industry executives around the world. Visit our interactive website for the full story.

Key report findings:

  • With FinTechs disrupting the industry by offering customers the “wow factor” it is imperative for traditional banks to integrate best practices and to foster nimble, innovative mindsets through collaboration.
    • APIs facilitate bank / FinTech collaboration by enhancing information flow between all the entities in the new connected ecosystem, resulting in new business models and customer-centric offerings
    • While APIs are enabling banks to offer next-generation financial services through various channels, Open Banking requires banks to rethink their Business Models with regard to their position in the ecosystem and how they want deal with the threat of third-party disintermediation.

The World Retail Banking Report 2017 Interactive Website

Explore the latest banking insights on, our interactive website. Here you can view some of the insightful data from the report, and dive deeper into key report topics such as APIs bridging the Bank-FinTech gap, and how Open Banking is rapidly evolving.


View key findings from the World Retail Banking Report 2017 with our infographic. Click below to view the full image.

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