Better insights: diagnose, predict, prevent, prescribe

Our enterprise SMART insights solutions cover two broad functional areas:

Customer analytics

Segmentation, cross-sell/up-sell, campaign analysis, churn, loyalty management, after-sales service to channels, and customer touch point analytics:

  • CustomerSMART: Better understand customer behavior and preferences, deliver more effective campaigns & promotions, cross sell/up sell and retain customers.
  • ServiceSMART: A best-in-class enterprise analytics platform to plan maintenance activities, comply with service expectations and optimize service timelines.

Operational analytics

Procurement, asset management, and human resource management:

  • Capgemini Smart Asset Management: Optimize your key asset performance and asset-based services, improve availability and lower maintenance costs.
  • HRSMART: Better manage your human capital, workforce efficiency and performance, with a range of department-specific insights.
  • SpendSMART: Optimize your spending by providing a unified view with valuable insights across the procurement cycle, with built-in KPIs, dashboards and reports.

SMART Insights Platform

A flexible and robust platform, providing a foundation for our SMART out-of-the-box solutions:

  • SMART Platform: Cutting-edge technology generates insights from structured and unstructured data, helping your business users to diagnose issues, predict outcomes, prevent failures, and prescribe improvements.
  • IV3 Big Data platform: A Hadoop-based technology platform providing out-of-the-box business value solutions to make big data implementation faster, cheaper and more impactful.
  • Semi-structured Data Conversion Framework: Encapsulates dynamic standardization of rules, eliminates manual file processing and supports file conversion for all formats including unstructured data.

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