The Art and Science of delivering Customer Value through analytics

Leveraging the immense trail of new customer data

Much is written about the pace of change in our lives, the shift in power to people, the time we devote to devices and social channels…

Marketers must stretch resources across tens of channels and devices, identifying micro triggers and groups that used to be targeted en masse. A new level of targeting is needed, and level of team enablement to democratize analytics more deeply in marketing.

But also, new data presents an unprecedented opportunity to learn and build intimacy with customers. Mastering insight at a new level is becoming a competitive imperative to be built into your DNA.

Bringing together the customer journey and the power of Big Data

Our Customer Value Analytics solutions aim to make a fact-based and decisive impact on customer journeys, from acquiring new customers, growing the share of wallet, and avoiding customer churn. Our solutions include:

  • Insight-driven Marketing
  • Insight-driven Commerce or Sales
  • Insight-driven Supply Chain
  • Real-time Dialogue.

Our Business Value NOW! methodology is an incremental-stage approach allowing step by step improvements starting with helping clients mobilize and scale up, including these key phases:

  • Ignite the journey:  a short initial CVA Analytics Maturity assessment and workshop helps energize and motivate stakeholders for the way forward
  • Demonstrate business value: a 12-week Agile Analytics hothouse proves real- life value for concrete business challenges; layering metrics and continuous improvement into the approach allows you to optimize and prepare to scale
  • Scale the capability: Bringing enterprise scalability to analytical capabilities and solutions in business, through platforms for new and traditional data and analytics allowing you to switch on and prove value from traditional and big new datasets in weeks or even days
  • Grow the Insight-driven Business: We partner with clients to build and scale global capabilities across organizations, and enhance competitive advantage by continuously embedding analytics capabilities into business decisions.

All our analytics experiences, capabilities, best practices and lessons learned across the globe have been collected and structured in our Insights Hub. Clients can use all of these ingredients in their journey to become an Insight-driven Business.

 Turning data into insights, into decisions, into business value

  • CVA is the Science and Art of converting data into insight that can be used to drive a great customer experience
  • CVA drives additional Customer Value across the customer journey or life cycle through fact-based decisions
  • Analytics can be applied across the entire customer lifecycle
  • CVA should deliver clear value-based results that can be measured
  • Our clients can scale and deploy analytics across business units and countries in a systematic way, benefiting from our best practices and lessons learned, captured in our Business Value NOW! Approach.

Together, we make it simple for clients to implement new analytics operating models and technology essentials to deliver these benefits:

  • Improved efficiency and cost focus, changing the way the company is operated
  • Growth of existing business streams, with increased effectiveness
  • Growth through new revenue streams and/or monetization of data

Want to know more?

Contact one of our experts below to find out how our CVA Business Value NOW! approach can work for you and help you gain competitive advantage through effective customer analytics.