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Breaking Barriers and Inspiring Change

Unveiling the Stories of Women Leaders in Capgemini Romania, a series of interviews for Wall-Street Romania.

What has changed for women in IT? The answer is – a lot. For years now women across the world have been breaking stereotypes and barriers and taking on challenges and opportunities, paving the way for a new generation of female leaders.

In this spring we’re celebrating great leaders whom at one point in their lives, they took a giant leap that changed their life like day and night, in a series of interviews for

#EmbraceEquity: a series of interviews with women @ Capgemini Romania for

The Embrace Equity series with women @Capgemini Romania brings to you the inspiring stories of 6 women who share their perspectives on how the business landscape and the IT industry have change for women, the challenges they faced and their accomplishments.

Episode 1: Corina Sandu – Head of ITSM/ service now Capgemini Romania:

“What I’ve learned throughout the years, but even more so in the last 2-3 years, is that empathy and communication are very important, no matter the situation.”

Episode 2: Amalia Iuhasz-Varduca – Head of technology business services in Capgemini Romania:

“To coordinate a project, you need a certain authority, which is based on knowledge and skills that you acquire along the way, something that I obviously lacked at that time. I admit that it was not easy to gain the credibility of colleagues and teams somehow because I did not yet trust myself, not yet knowing my potential”

Episode 3: Larissa Cenan – Head of legal, ethics and compliance Capgemini Romania:

“A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water”

shares Larissa. It’s her motto quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that guides her every day.

Episode 4: Alexandra Constantin – Head of marketing and communications Capgemini Romania:

“Capgemini somehow grew on me. I was in my first 3 months at Capgemini, and I was struggling with Excel. The managing Director then, saw me and he came and sat with me for about two hours, he helped me understand what was. And that for me was the first thing that made me believe that the place I’ve reached is safe and that I can go on.”

Episode 5: Izabella Banu- Team Manager , product data management Capgemini Engineering Romania:

“In college, three girls and 20 boys were in the group, and the boys were already working in IT or automotive. So I decided to roll up my sleeves and work twice as much as they do”

Episode 6: Carmen Sirbu – HR business partner Capgemini Romania:

“I chose HR because I really wanted to see the way people make decisions from an emotional and rational point of view – and how I, in partnership with them, can help them have a career path as good as possible, to get what they want, and to achieve their goals. A talent today can be a leader tomorrow and it is our mission to guide them to achieve their ambitions”