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Client story

Romania’s leading retailer, Carrefour, collaborates with Capgemini to become a “Digital Retail Company”

Client: Carrefour Romania
Region: Europe
Sector: Retail

We are delivering an innovative, open and secure cloud-based platform, facilitating integration with the partner ecosystem, to improve customer experience in-store, and online.

Capgemini Romania is proud to have entered into a successful and innovative collaboration for one of Romania’s largest retail chain providers, Carrefour, by finalizing the implementation of a cloud-based integration platform that provides Carrefour Romania with a secure environment for integration service delivery and API traffic monitoring.


With the final objective to improve the customer experience in-store and online, Carrefour Romania wanted to make its back-end services – such as product pricing and availability information, sales and ordering services, or order tracking services – available online so that these services can be covered by apps running on mobile devices and desktops.


The solution implemented by Capgemini in Romania is based on Google Cloud Apigee Edge, state-of-the-art technologies, and API management tools. Further to the implementation, the project continues with development of APIs, maintenance, and support. A team of experts, developers and cloud architects at Capgemini in Romania are developing the APIs needed for Carrefour to open its systems to affiliates.

The leading retailer needed a simple-to-use API management platform that manages all API interfaces between its systems, eliminates the point-to-point connections, and allows monitoring of the performance of the APIs.


The new platform enables features such as analytics and operations automation, API developer management, flexibility and governance over data exchanged between systems and users. The project aimed to help Carrefour deploy its chosen solution Google Cloud Apigee Edge platform, and to further develop, maintain and support its APIs.

As a result, Carrefour can now design, operate, secure, and monetize APIs to benefit both its supplier ecosystem and customer experience.

“Carrefour Romania has always played an active role in the market, anticipating consumer trends and responding with innovative shopping services and functions to improve the customer experience in-store and online. This translates into projects that support our expansion and digital strategy, on the one hand, and into an opening up to partners such as Capgemini, sharing the same vision as ours. Thus, we are managing to be closer to the goal of becoming a Digital Retail Company.”

Gabriela Stanica, Chief Information, Data Officer and eCommerce Director at Carrefour Romania

“I am really proud of this success, which shows the value that Capgemini is adding for our client’s business. Carrefour has a clear strategy to make digital an engine for the future growth and our deep industry expertise means we are well positioned to help our clients accelerate this transformation.”

Laurentiu Mandu, Managing Director Market Segment Romania at Capgemini