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Software Developer

New Zealand

Experienced professional

Business transformation

Tell us a bit about your pre-Relaunch working career. What were your adventures before joining us?

I worked as a Software Developer in a Multinational Product based company after my post-graduation in Computer science. I was happy to land my dream job and apply my skills to further my professional career. After a few years, I took a career break to look after my growing family. Meanwhile, I travelled and lived in different countries, with my husband having a travelling career profile. With my focus on nurturing my children and see them grow, there was practically no consideration about kick-starting my career.

After arriving in Australia, I decided it’s the right time to re-enter the workforce to achieve my professional aspirations. I started assessing my skills and knowledge and focused on re-training, self-study, certifications and practical assignments, while exploring the job market.

What sparked your interest in returning to a career in Tech? We’d love to hear about the magic that drew you back!

The potential to significantly impact society and improve people’s lives was the driving force for me considering a career in tech. It is a dynamic environment that provides continuous learning and personal growth opportunities. Technology offers opportunities to systematically approach and solve complex problems and create fit-for-purpose solutions. The tech industry is known for its rapid pace of change and constant innovation. It has also been at the forefront of embracing flexible work arrangements, remote work, and the ability to work from anywhere and have a better work-life balance.

What made the Relaunch Program so intriguing that you couldn’t resist applying? Share with us what caught your attention.

I came to Australia in 2021 and it was pretty overwhelming adapting to a new place, people, language, and culture. Let alone the stress of finding a job with little local experience and a substantial career gap. However, being introduced to the Capgemini Relaunch Program provided me a much-desired opportunity, making all my other challenges look petite. I focused on my core strengths and enhanced my skills to rekindle my professional career.

A friend referred me to the Relaunch program, and I was quick to pounce on the opportunity as it provided the perfect platform for me to enter the workforce. The Relaunch Program training and transition phase provided the necessary handholding and a rapid yet comfortable transition into the job.

How has the Relaunch Program opened doors and provided you with exciting opportunities? We can’t wait to hear about your accomplishments!

I started my journey with Capgemini in 2022. With over a year at Capgemini now, I feel more confident and valued. I got to work on challenging projects with prestigious clients. I worked with esteemed colleagues from Capgemini and clients, who were extremely supportive and friendly. I gained substantial industry knowledge and represented the Capgemini Relaunch Program at Salesforce conventions. I undertook Salesforce training certifications and there’s a constant push from the organisation to update my skills and stay relevant in the current market.

Finally, what advice would you give to women looking to rejoin or kickstart their career in Tech? Your wisdom can inspire many aspiring tech-savvy individuals!

It is never too late to start and women should definitely restart their career, no matter how long the gap has been. The journey takes work. However, it’s possible too. Women in the workforce can bring diverse and disruptive perspectives, experiences, and problem-solving approaches that they use in their home science and home economics.

The job opportunity not only boosts confidence but also self-sufficiency with financial security. Women get an opportunity to grow socially, connect with different people and achieve personal and professional growth.