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Capgemini Invent

Touchless Retail: What the Rest of the World could learn from China’s new ways to shop

Julien Bourdinière
Date icon April 9, 2020

Chinese retailers and brands have brought to life “Touchless Retail”, a new way to serve...

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The Day After: “TERRITORY”

Moez Draief
Date icon May 27, 2020

Today, the word “Territory” has a vast, rich and complex meaning; an opportunity to become...

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional budgeting!

Güler Cigerli
Date icon May 27, 2020

Is traditional budgeting outdated in the contemporary business environment?

It’s time to expand your Ecommerce capabilities FAST

Martijn van Deel
Date icon May 27, 2020

More than ever, the time to start your Ecommerce platform is now. When physical stores are...


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