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Joint Curriculum Design to Make Students Industry-ready

Join the panel of academic and industry leaders as they discuss their experiences and how they can work together to make students “industry-ready”.

Date & Time10:30 am-11:30 am IST on 15 Dec, 2022

Join Prasad Shetye, EVP, Capgemini Engineering, India, for the panel discussion on “Joint Curriculum Design to Make Students Industry-Ready” where he will be sharing his insights on:

  • Challenges faced by academia and what the industry needs
  • How industry and academia can join forces
  • The benefits of joint curriculum development
  • Some of Capgemini’s initiatives in this area and learnings from our experience

This session is part of Immersive series titled “Industry Academia Collaboration – Enabling Successful Innovation & Preparing Industry Ready Talent by NASSCOM


Prasad Shetye
EVP, Capgemini Engineering,