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Capgemini at InsureTech Connect 2022

We can’t wait to connect with you and engage in a dialogue on key burning topics for Insurance industry.

Booth 3253| InsureTech Connect 2022| Sep 20-22 | Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Climate change is loading the dice for insurers with more to come. Connect with Capgemini to learn how you can accelerate your climate-action strategy the value chain. Talk to our experts and explore how you can adopt new risk prevention offerings, drive sustainable investment and underwriting strategies and create resilience ecosystems.

We are very much looking forward to hearing about your business, your challenges and how we might work together to help achieve your business goals.

Kick-off Summit: Life Insurance Ecosystem Summit presented by Sureify | September 20, 2022 | 9am – 5pm PST

Find us at Life Insurance Ecosystem Summit by Sureify to share in-market insights, answer questions and discuss how the advancement of technology will shape the future of the life insurance industry. 

Speaking sessions:

Product Track | September 22, 2022 | 2:00pm – 2:50pm PST

Bending the Curve: Behavior Change as the Next Evolution in Insurance

Insurance is a constantly evolving business but in its first epoch, the goal has still largely been one of increasing predictability: there is a theoretical curve of true underlying risk and with increasingly datasets and new statistical techniques, we all compete to predict that curve.  But prediction has diminishing marginal returns. 

The entire product organization of insurance is currently focused on customer acquisition and cross-sell, because that is the monetization that is currently setup.  Moving to a risk reducing model not only changes how we work but what we build; new products (with new monetization models) must arise in order to manage this shift.

In this talk, behavioral scientists from across the insurance industry talk about practical methods for the next evolution of insurance: changing behavior to bend the risk curve.


  • Jonathan Stahl, Analytic Solution Advisor, Nationwide Insurance
  • Matt Wallaert, Founder,
  • Teis Jorgensen, Senior, Behavioral Scientist, Design Researcher, Frog (Capgemini Invent)
  • Jeff Helzner, Decision Scientist, Joyn Insurance

Product Innovation in Action Track | Sep 22, 2022 | 2:55pm -3:30pm PST

Solving for the World’s #1 Climate Risk- Flood

  • Adam Rimmer, CEO & Co-Founder, Flood Flash
  • Christina Colby, Chief Customer Officer, Guidewire
  • Seth Rachlin, EVP, Global Insurance Leader, Capgemini
  • Sean Kevelighan, CEO, Insurance Information Institution

Claims Transformation Summit by Benekiva | Sep 20, 2022 |3:30-4:15 PST

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities: Taking the Transformation Journey, One Step at a Time

The journey over the claims transformation bridge takes a blend of planning and agility. Carriers and their technology partners need to work together to determine where in the claims process automation makes sense. For every claim processed, there are hundreds of sub-processes, many of which don’t need to be done by a person. For instance, automating certain correspondences can free up staff for more complex claims that need a “human interaction.” Evaluating each step of the process takes time and as the process continues to evolve, it requires a system that is flexible to evolve too.

This session will discuss the critical need for concepting a future state while evaluating all aspects of the current situation. It will dive into the importance of an agile platform to ensure that all of the time, money, and resources spent are long-term investments into a flexible solution.


  • Bobbie Shrivastav, Co-Founder & CPO, Benekiva
  • Lloyd Campbell-Gibson, Head of Claims, SwissRe
  • Samantha Chow, VP and Global LA&H Sector Leader, Capgemini


  • Brent Williams, Founder & CEO, Benekiva

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