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The new era of retail: seize opportunity with clarity

Join us at NRF 2024

The National Retail Federation (NRF) retail’s big show is almost here, and we are excited to share the technologies that will transform the industry

Capgemini @ the Javits Center

NRF 2024: Retail’s big show | January 14-16
429 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001
Capgemini Booth #4238

NRF 2024 is set to be retail’s biggest show yet. Make our booth your first stop and experience the future of retail innovation. Join us as we transform shopping experiences with cutting-edge technology and industry-leading solutions. Discover how we are helping our clients transform the retail landscape with revolutionary solutions, ranging from AI-powered personalization to seamless, omnichannel experiences. At NRF tradeshow, we will also be launching the third edition of the Capgemini Research Institute’s Consumer Trends Report, which gives business leaders key insights that will deliver a competitive edge.

Visit us at Booth #4238, and we’ll discuss how your organization can seize opportunity with clarity.

At NRF 2024, we will be welcoming retailers to the new era of retail. Sign up today to receive exclusive access to our full list of programming, and to stay connected with us at NRF 2024.

Featured demos

Smart Cart – Intelligent  retail with the world’s smartest shopping cart

Bring the benefits of online commerce to physical retail with the world’s smartest shopping cart – Smart Cart in partnership with Shopic. Our vision-based clip-on device turns any regular cart into a smart shopping cart – collecting real-time data straight from the aisle.

    Casey​ – Conversational commerce digital human

    Our conversational commerce digital human brings together ground-breaking technologies to usher in a new era of customer engagement. This revolutionary retail solution works across the spheres of order taking, loyalty management, and more, and can be customized to your organization’s needs.

      Wasteless​ – Transforming the shopper experience through AI-powered dynamic pricing

      This AI-powered technology is transforming the shopper experience with dynamic pricing that helps supermarkets and online grocery stores receive the full value of their perishables and reduce food waste.

        What’s more to explore?

        We would also like to welcome you to our 5th Avenue office to visit CornerShop, Capgemini’s retail innovation store of tomorrow. CornerShop brings the latest retail trends to life and is our playground for testing and learning new and innovative concepts with our clients. It is a transformative and immersive shopping experience that showcases how technology is powering the future of retail. You can book a tour of CornerShop to experience concepts such as purposeful shopping, in-store personalization and more.

        During this year’s NRF event, we will be launching the 3rd edition of the Capgemini Research Institute’s Consumer Trends Report: what matters to today’s consumer 2024. Subscribe to receive access to this year’s report, and all future Capgemini Research Institute reports. In the meantime, you can explore the 2023 report findings.

        Expert connect

        The retail landscape is changing, and it’s how retailers and brands navigate this rapidly changing environment that will determine their success. Our experts on the ground will share three guiding principles to harness the power of disruption as a driver of innovation.

        Adapt to compete

        Organizations need to navigate current disruptions and manage new forces within their landscape so that they can meet and exceed consumers’ changing expectations for affordable products. This means implementing solutions that build resiliency, agility, and sustainability into supply chain ecosystems so that retailers can remain competitive within the retail environment.

        Unlock channel growth

        It’s no longer about shopping just in-store or online. Connected commerce is here to stay, and retailers are recognizing that shopping has become a multi-layered process. What’s important is making sure that these different channels are connected rather than competing, so that consumers can switch between them seamlessly.

        Lead with purpose

        For retailers and brands to see continued success, they must adopt a mentality and approach that serves the business, customers, communities, and the planet. Retailers can position themselves as industry leaders by recognizing sustainability pressures as a catalyst for growth and an opportunity to achieve a competitive advantage. With our Business to Planet approach, we ensure that retailers and brands lead with purpose and achieve sustainable outcomes while better serving their customers.

        Highlights from NRF 2023

        Our offers

          Intelligent supply chain solutions for FMCG

          Turning complex supply chains into intelligent ecosystems

          Digital core for grocery

          The last two decades have seen seismic disruption in the field of grocery, as growing consumer demand has given rise to new shopping experiences

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            Meet our experts

            Tim Bridges

            Global Head of Consumer Products & Retail
            Tim Bridges leads Capgemini’s Global Sectors and the Consumer Products, Retail, Distribution (CPRD) global sector practice, a portfolio that includes major global retail, fashion, restaurant, consumer products, transportation, and distribution brands such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Meijer, Office Depot, Domino’s, and Unilever.

            Lindsey Mazza

            Global Retail Lead, Capgemini
            Lindsey is Capgemini’s Global Retail Lead. She is a retail thought leader and subject matter expert who specializes in shopper-centric, unified-channel commerce and innovation. With nearly 20 years’ experience in retail transformation, Lindsey has served some of the world’s largest retailers in analytics-enabled integrated planning and execution, from consumer demand to receipt.

            Mayank Sharma

            Vice President
            Mayank is a Supply Chain Leader with expertise in driving supply chain transformations through use of digital solutions across planning, procurement, logistics, fulfilment, and sustainability. He has worked across Consulting, Operations and Technology giving him a well-rounded approach to identifying business transformation requirements and re-inventing supply chain operating models through performance-led technology transformations. At Capgemini, he is responsible for leading & growing Capgemini’s Supply Chain Practice for Consumer Goods, Retail and Distribution. Mayank brings unique experience of leading transformations as a consultant at Big 4 and at of leveraging digital solutions within e-commerce supply chain to drive end-to-end supply chain improvement.

            Nathaniel Milner

            Vice President – Last Mile Delivery & Retail Fulfilment, Capgemini
            Nathaniel has spent past 19 years in the retail / ecommerce / food delivery technology space, innovating and scaling organizations. He is an accomplished industry expert recognized by the leading operators in the space for his hands on focus and success with online grocery, restaurant, convenience and retail operations, digital strategy, 3rd party (Doordash/Instacart) strategy & go to market operations in addition to last mile delivery fulfilment innovation such as autonomous vehicle and drone delivery.

            Vince Crimaldi

            Vice President
            Vince Crimaldi is a leader in Capgemini’s Consumer Products, Retail, and Services (CPR&S) market unit leadership team, responsible for strategy development and industry-specific solutions for many of Capgemini’s largest Consumer Products, Retail, Distribution, Restaurant, Grocery, and Pharmacy clients. With more than 25 years of experience in designing and delivering transformational technology-based solutions, Vince has accomplished this in a global context, forming teams spanning the U.S, Europe, Asia, Australia, LATAM, and the Middle East, while working in various global markets within Europe and Asia.

            Kees Jacobs

            Consumer Products & Retail Global Insights & Data Lead, Capgemini
            Kees is Capgemini’s overall Global Consumer Products and Retail sector thought leader. He has more than 25 years’ experience in this industry, with a track record in a range of strategic digital and data-related B2C and B2B initiatives at leading retailers and manufacturers. Kees is also responsible for Capgemini’s strategic relationship with The Consumer Goods Forum and a co-author of many thought leadership reports, including Reducing Consumer Food Waste in the Digital Era.

            Phil Davies

            Head of Intelligent Industry, Capgemini Invent UK
            The digital revolution is creating unprecedented challenges and opportunities for companies and they are having to invent new business models and ways of working in order to survive and prosper. Phil works with senior executives to leverage the digital opportunities and transform – customer experiences, operations or business models.

            Owen McCabe

            Vice President, Digital Commerce – Global Consumer Goods & Retail, Capgemini
            Owen is Capgemini’s Global VP for eCommerce. He previously led the Digital Commerce Practice at Kantar and held senior marketing and sales roles at both Procter & Gamble and Nestle. He has domain expertise in eCommerce, digital marketing, brand marketing, route-to-market strategy, and category management. Owen’s passion for digital commerce came about after a private equity assignment in an online travel business.

            Ted Levine

            Executive Vice President
            Ted is an Executive Vice President at Capgemini, serving as a Business Unit Managing Director. With over 26 years of experience at Capgemini, he has spent his career serving clients directly and delivering on some of the largest and most complex Digital and Technology Transformations. Serving across a multitude of industries from Consumer Products and Retail to Hospitality and across Capgemini’s services from management consulting to managed services. Ted believes strong partnerships can create powerful work environments and empowered communities. As a leader for leaders, he serves as the sponsor of Capgemini’s Account Executive Community, empowering customer-first partners across the organization.

            Vincent Crimaldi