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The importance of data in digital supply chain

The emergence of the data-driven enterprise and its impact on supply chains

Across multiple industries, the amount of data and its impact on business is growing exponentially. Companies are becoming more data-driven, with machine sensors and digital sales channels generating increasing amounts of data that is ready to be harnessed and analyzed.

On top of their original, intrinsic, and functional value, many products induce users into generating valuable data that can then be monetized through delivering valuable insights. This, in turn, pushes up the corporate value of a particular product and the organization that produces it, as investors become increasingly interested in the organization’s ability to harness valuable data. In fact, data is increasing over-proportionately compared to the attention it is given by supply chain leaders.

It is clear that so much value is yet to be created by properly industrializing the gathering and analysis of data. Even more so, the margin generated by additional value through a product’s data and the insights derived from this data will soon surpass the value of the actual product.

This paper explores the importance of data in digital supply chain, and how the emergence of the data-driven enterprise is having a significant impact on supply chains:

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The importance of data in digital supply chain