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Client story


A growing and aging world population and the increasing strain on nature’s ecosystems and among humanity’s most profound challenges – and solving them will demand a regular cadence of innovation.

For over 160 years, Bayer has been committed to innovative scientific research and development to solve some of the most pressing global challenges in healthcare and agriculture. As a global leader in life sciences, Bayer always focuses on creating value for its customers, farmers and patients – guided by it’s mission “Health for all, Hunger for none”.

A fundamental element of our partnership with Bayer is Capgemini’s commitment to investing in innovation to advance Bayer’s initiatives. The result is an Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) dedicated exclusively to Bayer – the first of its kind.  Since its formation in 2021, the dedicated AIE Bayer has completed 13 innovation projects that are in productive use, with a further 22 initiatives in experimentation or implementation phase.

“The most relevant part is, taking our truly exciting challenges and bringing together the best team to solve them.”

Saskia Steinacker, SVP, Global Head of Strategy and Digital Transformation (IT), Bayer

Innovation in action

Through our AIE we jointly explore opportunities to apply emerging technologies with Bayer. One focus area is artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative AI. Together, AI and machine learning (ML) are being used, as an example, in predictive maintenance to reduce maintenance costs and improve sustainability; as well as for in silico (computer simulated) shelf-life testing to reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market. At the same time, generative AI is playing an increasingly important role in pharmaceutical research and development, where it will help to make clinical trials more effective. The innovation fund is de-risking and accelerating innovation to unlock value throughout Bayer.


A joint innovation ecosystem

Bayer and Capgemini have formed an innovation team to build a joint innovation ecosystem.

The power of a global network

Bayer’s dedicated AIE provides an opportunity to connect to the AIE network and embeds innovation at the heart of our partnership.

A tailor-made innovation space

A tailor-made innovation space on the CHEMPARK Leverkusen, next to Bayer’s headquarters in Germany, has been established.

“The AIE is enabling business value-driven innovation to accelerate and scale the digital business transformation at Bayer.”

Johannes Schröder, AIE Bayer Lead, Capgemini

Capgemini’s AIE brings together a framework for action, a global network of exchanges, and a rich ecosystem to support our clients’ innovation journeys.